Jewellery is still created with a specific function in mind, however people are diverse and the world demands adaptability. So why is jewellery not changing?

Modernity - the embodiment of Nomis.

Nomis is created for experimentalists. Jewellery’s power lies in its graceful versatility: the ability to wear a piece as earrings or necklace, a cuff can embellish your ear, as well as your fingers.

These pieces are created to be combined. Be relevant at day and night. Versatile. Concise. Powerful.

The heroes of Nomis never fear freedom. They seek it.

Nomis is for people with passion and ambition. The moment of roll-ups on the stairs of The Palais Garnier to soothe after Ekman`s ballet. Cultivating the taste and ability to treat oneself with the utmost irony. Like smoke — adaptable and never still. Plans and styles constantly in flux.

Their freedom is powerful and magnetic — what Nomis stands for.

Nomis — the brand of contemporary jewellery.

Brand creator Alena Kiperman is redefining jewellery. She aims to make it multipurpose and compatible with modern life. Nomis is for those who need something different. For those without pierced ears. For those who get bored easily. Nomis shows us what modern jewellery can be and how it can adapt to our lives. Each item is multifunctional: it can be worn as an earring, ring, pendant, or bracelet. The design was created so that the owner of the jewellery could experiment, be creative. Wear several pieces at once, combine them, rearrange them.

The wardrobe trunks for jewellery are also multipurpose. They are made of biodegradable eco-leather, there is a mirror inside as well as room for glasses, keys, a lighter, cash. This minaudiere adapted to modern needs appeared in the wardrobe of women 100 years ago.

Nomis jewellery is made of 18ct gold and laboratory stones — the emeralds and the white diamonds. The creator of the brand decided to work with man-made stones after she visited the laboratories where these stones are made. Artificially grown diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires are not only used in jewellery. Their unique properties are in demand in the tech world, from measuring instruments to development in space. These stones bring the world of the future closer, where people will begin to fly into space and use quantum computers. The stones are the building blocks of a new frontier. This is how the Nomis jewellery brand, which works with advanced technology, came into being.